10 reasons why I can’t wait to become a Farmers’ Wife

You may have recently seen the blog entitled ‘Thinking about marrying a farmer’  (http://www.sellmylivestock.co.uk/blog/thinking-about-marrying-a-farmer/) which I have to say made me smile (a lot) as I can concur with most points made. We may for example have to organise our social life at lastminute.com because of the weather, a sheep decides to lamb just as we are going out for Dad’s birthday celebrations or a cow got out, however I know exactly what I am letting myself in for when I become a Farmers’ Wife next Spring and so I thought I would give my 10 reasons why.

Now I may be very lucky, or you may think about reaching for the sick bucket with some of my slushy sentiments – I just can’t help being an old romantic and I’m also not afraid of some hard graft too – so bring it on!

Reason 1: If ever you need a handy man, a farmer can turn his hand to fixing just about anything, albeit a bodge job on occasions. I once asked Andrew if he could lay a lawn so we could have somewhere to sit outside. So when he found time, he did lay me a lawn using agricultural grass seed. Therefore once a week we can just about mow a bale of silage or sustain a small army of sheep.

Reason 2: A Farmers love is unconditional; they still love you with cow shit in your hair!

Reason 3: You have a unique language / code / communication style that only you both can understand

Reason 4: They are never critical about what you wear, unless it is far out / fluorescent/ hippy-like/ trendy. Country Chic is OK!

Reason 5: You can describe your man as rugged, strong, reliable and caring. They may not like being labelled as any of the above however he could probably enter the ‘Worlds’ strongest man competition’ and you know you have a good ‘un if he is dedicated to keeping a few pesky cade lambs alive long after lambing if finished.

Reason 6: He may work all hours but you know where he is if you need him.

Reason 7: Whilst you may have to give up the dream of date nights to the cinema, fine dining and city breaks, our ideal evening consists of me taking the dog for a walk to where he is currently working in the field, bringing a picnic, and watching the sun set in remote bliss. I can then go home for a long soak and have full charge of the remote control.

Reason 8: Every day is different and there is never a chance of getting board – life is for living!

Reason 9: A Farmer has a healthy appetite and if you are lucky enough to marry a farmer who likes to eat exotic/spicy food e.g. curry, Then you can bake/cook to your hearts content and they will eat up just about anything and appreciate it. You also get to own an AGA!!!

Reason 10: I know that our children will have wholesome lives filled with bottle feeding lambs, climbing on bales, receiving Britain’s farm toys for Christmas and playing with pedal tractors in the yard.

The only thing he won’t give in to is allowing me to have a horse! I’m sure there is a compromise to be had somewhere…

Andrew Fyfe Milly Wastie
The happy couple enjoying life on the farm




One thought on “10 reasons why I can’t wait to become a Farmers’ Wife

  1. Not marrying a farmer on 19 July but like you I can think of many reasons why. Great blog. @NFUNotts

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