I recently started following Womanthology on twitter (which is an online magazine journal focussing on successful women in business) and found it quite inspirational. There were lots of articles from women who had tackled different challenges, woman working in unusual circumstances and my personal favourite was reading about the new line of skinny champagne which is hitting the market!

Coincidently I attended an event organised by Nat West and Every Women a few weeks ago. The event promoted successful entrepreneurs making their mark and was also a great networking opportunity. I got talking to a lady called Alison Matthews who mentioned Womanthology in conversation and I immediately proclaimed that of course I followed the account and how much of a fan I was!

Within 24 hours I was connected up with the founder and editor of Womanthology Fiona Tatton, who was friends with Alison, and we chatted over the phone for quite some time. Fiona was quite enthused to hear about me making a mark in the farming industry and was very insistent that I should write a piece for her site.

What a fantastic opportunity to be able to write for such an upcoming initiative and here is the link to the site with my piece – happy reading! And don’t forget to follow @womanthology on twitter





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