More Cheese Gromit!

Farmers on film Speaking at the international cheese awards
Speaking at the International Cheese awards

Today I had the most fantastic platform to speak about media and marketing opportunities in Agriculture at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, Cheshire.

Thanks to the wonderful invitation from Sarah Gayton of Farmers on Film, who shares my passion for communication via twitter, I was able to talk about my experiences of different initiatives I have been involved with as well as giving some top tips for how to engage with consumers and the media, create a profile and gain credibility.  Having never ventured up to the International Cheese Awards, which is hosted a day before the Nantwich show, I jumped at the opportunity to go as I knew it would be a different type of audience to present too and I LOVE cheese!

Throughout the day, Farmers on Film had several speakers including some friendly faces, all who share a common interest in using the power of social media to communicate. Whether it be a farm to fork message or marketing a brand, it was great to listen to everyone’s experiences and understand how we could all develop and grow.

Thank you to those who came and listened to me. I had quite a few complimentary tweets which always encourages me to do more and also reassures me that I’m making a difference. Here are a couple:

After giving me speech I was able to explore the show and meet some of the exhibitors. More importantly… taste some CHEESE! I do adore a good strong cheddar and it was nice to sample the real deal rather than plastic style supermarket muck. I’m not sure I’m a convert of the ‘cocktail flavoured’ cheese (Cosmopolitan and Mojito) which were sickly sweet, however trying some peppercorn goats cheese and baked English halloumi were my highlights. And I think it’s safe to say I came away with a few samples to try tonight as well as a toy goat!



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