Are you road legal?

Its frightening to think that 2 out of 3 drivers would not be able to pass their car theory test if they were asked to take it again. As a road safety advocate, this shocks me but I’m afraid doesn’t surprise me.

Only last week I was driving on a busy dual carriageway in the daytime, it was pouring down with rain, so much so it was difficult to see the road markings let alone the traffic in front. Over half the vehicles didn’t have their lights on and it was so hard to make a good judgement on braking distances without great visibility. How difficult is it to switch your lights on? And please don’t get me started on driving at night without fully functioning headlights… jeez… are currently working with Brake (the road safety charity) to survey UK drivers and make them aware that only 33% of drivers know the rules of the road. Surely we can improve on this?

They have come up with a fun, interactive game to quiz people on their driving theory in the hope that it improves driver knowledge. So why not give it a go?
Now I had to of course practice what I preach and I’m very pleased to say I passed! Apparently I am a ‘practically perfect peggy’ and a ‘driving god, synonymous with skill, precision and composure under pressure’.

I hope if you are reading this that you will not only take part in the quiz, which you can also win an Ipad for completing, but also that for every blog that publicises the quiz, a £5 donation will be made to Brake – happy days! justgiving link to Brake

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