Fyfe or Wastie – I’m still me.

Milly Wastie Fyfe
Mrs and Mrs Andrew & Milly Fyfe
Andrew and I got married in May and had the most wonderful day celebrating with family and friends. We had an amazing honeymoon in New Zealand and didn’t really want to come home after 3 weeks away. We were swept away by the country’s beauty and the lure of a farm for sale was very tempting

Before long we were back to reality with Andrew on hay making duties and I was between agricultural shows and events across the country. We have hardly seen each other of late.

Slowly but surely I have been changing my surname on legal documents from Wastie to Fyfe. It has been really interesting that so many people have expressed an interest in my name change and surprised that I would be changing it. I’m quite a traditional person and didn’t question myself when thinking that once married I would become Milly Fyfe. Although this does present a personal brand challenge and something I spoke about in length at the panel discussion at Cereals last month.

It has been very flattering to think that the name Milly Wastie has become well known and I guess I will have to work even harder to promote that the change has been made. I recently read an article that highlighted that many women choose not to take their husbands surname or create a double barrelled name as an alternative. However this isn’t me.

I am already enjoying the fact that people can pronounce my new surname. There were so many ways that Wastie was pronounced it use to make me cringe. I joke that I am further up the register now from a W to an F. It does however present a new challenge, how many F’s and is it an I or a Y. I have also had lots of comments about Fyffes bananas too! So just to clarify it is F-Y-F-E

Signing off for now – the new Mrs Milly Fyfe x

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