DEFRA video marketing support

When I was approached by the government’s farming arm, DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to help promote the Home on the Farm platform, I was absolutely thrilled.

To have a project being recognised within such a high profile arena, endorsed what had been achieved to date and would help to elevate and promote the support network to a wider audience.

Having experience loneliness and isolation on the farm, I wanted to try and highlight the challenges that rural women face and turn a negative feeling into something positive. And when you start to talk about your experiences, you realise that many others have felt the same and feel they too can open up a conversation, offer advice or simply be there to lighten the load.

After a few email exchanges with DEFRA, I sent off various photos I had taken on farm, along with some selfie type videos giving a narrative about what life is like on the farm and how the Home on the Farm platform works.

I’m delighted with the final result which you can view below

I hope the video helps to make a difference with the different topics covered, spoken from the heart, some of which is very personal.

Let me know if you would like to use it and I can share the link / social media tags. Thanks for watching

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