News from the farm gate – October 2017

I’m very pleased to report that we have safely gathered in the harvest despite all the wet and windy weather we have been having. It has been very frustrating for the farming community with having such a wet and mild August. The sun needs to shine and the fields must be dry so the combine […]

News from the farm gate – July 2017

It’s harvest time! We have had an incredibly dry spring and summer which has meant that the crops are really far forward. Some people are reporting that this is the earliest they have started harvesting in many years. For us, it won’t be long before we have the combine rolling in the fields of barley. […]

News from the farm gate – March 2017

Our daffodils are in full bloom, daylight hours have increased and you can feel warmth in the sun – it must be spring! It makes a real difference having more daylight hours in the day. Not only can you get more jobs completed outside but it has a real effect on our laying hens. Our […]